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RDS@UF: Cooper Collection Added Fields

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Cooper Collection Added Fields


590 (local extension field)   Harold and Mary Jean Hanson Rare Book Collection copy is from the Ray and Cary Cooper Science Collection, an ongoing donation begun in 2006 by Dr. Raymond D. Cooper to the George A. Smathers Libraries, and housed in the Libraries' Department of Special & Area Studies Collections. The collection consists of books, journals, and offprints in the area of the history of science (aeronautics, chemistry, physics, technology), and the development of the atomic bomb.

937 (local extension field)  1  Cooper, Raymond D., ǂe donor.

937 (local extension field)  1  Cooper, Cary, ǂe donor.

937 (local extension field)  13 Cooper, Ray & Cary, ǂe donor.

939 (local extension field)   2  Ray and Cary Cooper Science Collection.


856 42 ǂy Gift of Ray and Cary Cooper ǂu of: Ray and Cary Cooper ǂx gift {continue with process for adding an electronic bookplate in Alma}

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