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RDS@UF: Series Searching and Treatment

Resource Description Services department procedures and policies

Updated May 2022 by Dave Van Kleeck


Series Searching and Treatment


Verifying form of heading and series treatment

Series headings in Alma bib records must follow NACO guidelines. The form of heading and the series treatment must be verified in the Library of Congress NACO Authority File (NAF) in OCLC Connexion.

New series authority records

New series authority records are submitted to the NAF by members of the department, NACO Florida Funnel members, and independent NACO libraries across the country.

When needed by UF catalogers, a series authority record should be created and saved in either the local save file (on campus catalogers) or the online save file (off campus catalogers) with the cataloger's initials in a 690 field.

Modifying existing series authority records

If there is a series record in the NAF but UF’s treatment differs from the NAF treatment, add UF’s series treatment to the NAF record if possible. In general, the following fields may be added by UF (as a PCC participant): 050 _4, 642, 644, 645, 646.  Subfield $5 FU may be added to an existing field if needed.  Do not add fields/subfields if local treatment matches what is on the record. If we are following DPCC practice, a $5 FU is not needed on the record.

Generally speaking, UF can add its local series treatment to an NAF record if it differs from the treatment(s) already indicated on the record, and no other NACO library has added its local treatment to the record.

Guidelines for creating and modifying series authority records

New series authority records and changes to existing series authority records should follow guidelines in the MARC 21 Format for Authority Data  (, the LC Guidelines Supplement ( ), the Series Training for PCC Participants: Series Statements and Series Authority Records ( and LC’s Descriptive Cataloging Manual, Section Z1: Name and Series Authority Records ( 

Series headings in BIB records

The guidelines for series headings in OCLC master records/Alma BIB records state that there should only be one 490 field per series heading. For the tracing practice (490 Indicator 1), prefer the PCC tracing practice found in the NAF.

If the OCLC master record is in conflict with the tracing practice in the NAF, the OCLC master record may be corrected as below according to PCC guidelines and the Descriptive Cataloging Manual Section Z1:

If the series is untraced in the OCLC master record, edit the record to trace the series (change 490 1st Ind 0 to a 1 and add a corresponding 830).

Change 490 0_ Colección Muchas Obras to 490 1_  Colección Muchas Obras, and add 830 _0  Colección Muchas Obras.

If the series is traced in the OCLC master record, do not edit the record to untrace the series.

Libraries are encouraged to use the NAF/PCC practice for series analysis and classification. Individual libraries may, however, choose to have different local practices for analysis and classification. An Alma BIB record with a series that is classed together in NAF/PCC practice should include the classed together call number provided in the NAF authority record.

The PCC/NACO default practice is to trace a series. However, we may decide to not trace the series in some K-level and collection level records. For newly cataloged non-PCC records we may decide to not trace the series or to use quoted notes in 500 fields.

SUS local series

Locally created series headings may be encountered in Alma in 89X fields. This is often a holdover from Aleph and previous SUS cataloging practice. UF does not use 89X fields (per PCC preferred use). When overlaying an existing Alma BIB record with a more current OCLC record, ensure that any local series headings in the Alma record 89X field(s) are retained.

Series with ISSN

The ISSN is a number used to identify serials.  Many serial titles can also be treated as a series and will still have the same ISSN.  If a serial title is going to be treated as a series, a separate series authority record must be created if there is none available.

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