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Updated January 2023 by Dave Van Kleeck


Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC)

The University of Florida's George A. Smathers Libraries participates in all four PCC programs, and began its PCC participation in 1975 with CONSER membership. Approximately 12 catalogers in three units/departments within the Libraries contribute bibliographic and authority records under the BIBCO, CONSER, NACO, and SACO programs. Additionally, the Smathers Libraries is one of twenty-eight libraries partnered with the Library of Congress (LC) in the Electronic Cataloging in Publication (ECIP) Partnership program. ECIP partner libraries act as virtual Library of Congress cataloging sections to catalog forthcoming titles published by an affiliated university press, selected independent publishers, or in specific subject areas. We produce records in the ECIP program for University Press of Florida titles. Contact the department PCC liaison (Dave Van Kleeck) for more information about submitting BIBCO, CONSER, NACO, and SACO records. The department PCC liaison also acts as the NACO Florida Funnel coordinator and currently works with eleven libraries in Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina to coordinate their NACO activities.

BIBCO - Smathers Libraries catalogers catalog to BIBCO Standard Record standards and submit BIBCO records when possible. After training, catalogers in the Libraries can submit BIBCO records via OCLC Connexion.

BIBCO Standard Record:

CONSER - UF is currently the only CONSER institution in the state. The Smathers Libraries CONSER coordinator is Hank Young. Serials catalogers in the Libraries catalog to CONSER Standard Record standards and submit CONSER records when possible. Training is also required before CONSER records can be submitted.

CONSER Standard Record:

NACO - NACO authority records are submitted by UF catalogers after external and internal training and review by the department PCC liaison. Once a cataloger is "checked out" on submitting records, then they are free to submit them via OCLC Connexion as needed. Records that need to be reviewed are placed in either the "local save file" (if you are in a department on campus) or the "online save file" (if you are in a department off campus) for review. Once reviewed and any needed changes are made, then the record can be submitted.

SACO - Proposals are submitted by the department PCC liaison to LC via the classification and heading proposal portal in Classification Web. There are separate forms for Topical, Geographic, and Genre/Form headings (among others) in Class Web. There are links at the bottom of the page to download the appropriate word document forms. Please copy the appropriate form, fill it in, and send the proposal to the department PCC liaison. Proposals will be reviewed and submitted. It can take several weeks to hear from LC whether the proposal is approved, rejected, or may be resubmitted with modification.


Commonly Used Resources for NACO Review Work

Original RDA Toolkit

NACO Participants' Manual:


FAQ - LC/PCC practice for ... pseudonyms:

Guidelines for reporting NACO BFM:

LC Subject Headings Manual H 405: Establishing Certain Entities in the Name or Subject File:


Authority Control Procedures and Guidelines for the State of Florida University System and State College System Bibliographic Database (Ex Libris Alma)


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