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RDS@UF: Affiliated Libraries Agreement

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Last reviewed July 2022 by Greg Allen and Suzanne Stapleton

Affiliated Libraries Agreement

Cooperative Agreement between <Affiliated Library> and the
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida



This document establishes a cooperative program between the George A. Smathers Libraries and the above named Affiliate Library. Affiliated Libraries are academically administered libraries that are independent of the UF library system and that have significant, specialized collections. This agreement recognizes the significance of the <Affiliated Library> collection and provides for the integration of its holdings into the UF Libraries Catalog. The goal of this effort is to expand access and awareness of the resources held by the <Affiliated Library> as a supplement to the holdings of the George A. Smathers Libraries. In return for this recognition, the Affiliated Library agrees to provide a certain level of service and collection management.

Program and Collection Description

<A brief description of the academic program that supports this collection and a brief description of the collection itself – types of materials in the collection, subject areas covered by the collection, and how this collection supplements the UF Libraries collections.>

<Affiliated Library> Commitments

Because this agreement improves access and awareness of the resources held by the Affiliated Library, there will be services expected by patrons finding these resources in the UF Libraries Catalog. It is expected that the Affiliated Library will provide the following services.

  • Contact person to help patrons (Name, position information and responsibilities. When this person leaves, the next person in this position is to continue management of the collection. The Liaison Librarian is to be notified about this change in personnel.).
  • Use of materials in-house only during regular, posted times (if materials are available for check out this function must be administered by the Affiliated Library).
  • Collection management is expected (notify UF Libraries of new material and changes to materials already cataloged).
  • Photocopying (optional).

George A. Smathers Libraries (UF Libraries) Commitments

  • Liaison Librarian (Name, position information and responsibilities) to help the Affiliate Library and provide assistance with collection management upon request.
  • Provide assistance with catalog management
    • Affiliated Library will receive a catalog OWN code, Sub-library code with display name, and a Collection code with display location.
    • UF Libraries catalog records will be created for items in the Affiliated Library collection.
    • Material will be listed as non-circulating in the UF Libraries catalog.
    • Information on the Affiliated Library and its location will be in the UF Libraries catalog.
    • Interlibrary Loan will not be available and the material will not be listed in OCLC.

Review of Agreement

This agreement will be reviewed as necessary by the Liaison Librarian and the Affiliated Library Contact Person to determine if agreement is being adhered to, is still viable, or needs revisions.

Termination of the Agreement

This agreement can be terminated by either participant involved through written notification to the other participants. If the agreement is terminated, the <Affiliated Library> records will be removed from the UF Libraries Catalog.

Signing on behalf of <Affiliated Library>


<Name>, Department Chair, <Academic Unit>

Signing on behalf of George A. Smathers Libraries


<Name>, Associate Dean, Scholarly Resources and Services,

George A. Smathers Libraries




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