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RDS@UF: Item Transfers to UFO

Resource Description Services department procedures and policies

Updated January 2024 by Tabby Pursley


Item Transfers to the UF Secure Storage – Smathers Grand Reading Room Only (UFO) Collection 


Send all UFO items to the Storage & HDF Unit at ALF as follows: 

  • Add the item to an existing UFSTO holding, if present, and change the collection code to UFO; or create a UFSTO UFO holding
  • Use Item Policy 90 In-Library Use  
  • Add any 852 x or z notes to the HOL as indicated by the library making the transfer  
  • Send Special Collections items with standard Special Collections processing (e.g., barcode and call number on strip); other items should be sent fully processed (call number label, tattletape, UF stamp) 
  • Note: Send to Binding if needed.  (Set Process type to “UF Send to Conservation Lab” in the item record; Apply Piggyback barcode to title page verso and scan in to the item before mailing)
  • Place item(s) in a mail bin and label as follows:
         To: ALF |Team Tray
         UFO Collection 
        From: Library branch 


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