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RDS@UF: Simple Frequency Changes for Periodicals

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Updated July 2022 by Hank Young

Simple Frequency Changes for Periodicals

If a serial changes frequency from annual to more frequently than annual, or from a greater frequency to annual, use the procedure here.

Catalogers should receive notice from the branch or from the Acquisitions & Collections Services Department. Information sent should include the title, MMSID/OCLC #, and current and former frequency of the title.

All you need to do:

  •    Verify whether the information is correct.
  •    Check OCLC to see whether changes have been made to the frequency on the master record.
  •    If needed, change fixed field values in the OCLC record.
  •    Move the previous frequency to a 321 field, and the current frequency to the 310 field. Multiple 321 fields should be entered in chronological order from oldest to newest.
  •    Replace the record on OCLC once the edits are made.
  •    Overlay the ALMA record, or simply make the same changes in ALMA manually.
  •    Notify Acquisitions and any branch staff involved about the changes.
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