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RDS@UF: Copy Cataloging Checklist for Scores

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Last updated January 2023 by Sam Fraleigh

Copy Cataloging Checklist for Scores

020 (Required when applicable)

024 (Required when applicable)

028 (Required when applicable)

041 (Required when applicable)

046 (Required if available) – no indicator values,  $$k 1972 $$2 edtf ($$k = creation date)

048 (Not required)medium of performance + number of instruments of same type. Use special codes for instruments available in OCLC under Bib   Formats

246 (Required if applicable) Parallel titles are common.

306 (no indicators) (Duration) (Required) in format 000000 (hhmmss)

348  score $2 rdafnm (Required)

348  part $2 rdafnm (Required if applicable)

348  $c staff notation $2 rdafmn (Required if applicable/in staff notation) This 348 subfield is now preferred to the use of 546 $b to record staff notation.

NOTE: the difference between the controlled vocabulary codes “rdafnm” and “rdafmn” used in the 348 field.   

382 (0 1) + $2 lcmpt – controlled vocabulary and structure (Required). Repeat if multiple works are present and medium of performance is          different. Refer to music cataloger if missing or incomplete. Note: Sometimes omitted when score is for one instrument only.

383 (no indicators) Used for various types of numbering: Thematic index ($c), opus ($b), serial ($a) (Required if applicable) Should be obvious.

384 (if applicable) for key (Required)

546 $b Staff notation (ONLY IF score is in staff notation) (Optional, 348 $c now preferred)

546 for other language info (Required) Includes any sung text + language of any text in score.

500 (title from?) (Required) Original cataloger should have entered this when record was created.

505 (Required when applicable)

700 1 _ For editors, arrangers, transcribers, etc. (Required)

700 1 _ $a composer’s name. $t title of work or expression (May consist of only the type of composition, e.g., Concertos, Sonatas, Serenades), $m medium of expression, $n numbering, $r musical key of work (e.g. D minor). Must be constructed according to strict rules when the title is a type of composition. (Required) Refer to music cataloger if missing. Note: Not required if the score is for a single piece of music. Only when there are 2 or more pieces present.

655 Genre terms

655 _7 $a Scores $2 lcgft – always required, add if missing.

655 _7 $a Parts (Music) $2 lcgft – always required if work contains parts, add if missing when applicable

EXAMPLES of 655s & 650s

Examples for instructional or practice pieces:

655 _7 $a Teaching pieces (Music) ǂ2 lcgft.

655 _7 $a Methods (Music) ǂ2 lcgft.

655 _7 $a Studies (Music) ǂ2 lcgft.

Examples of type of composition genre terms:

655 _7 $a Concertos $2 lcgft.

655 _7 $a Sonatas $2 lcgft.

655 _7 $a Toccatas $2 lcgft.

650 Subject headings

Examples for instructional or practice pieces (bassoon is a placeholder for any instrument):

650 _0 $a Bassoon ǂx Instruction and study.

650 _0 $a Bassoon ǂx Fingering ǂv Charts, diagrams, etc.

650 _0 $a Bassoon ǂx Multiphonics.

650 _0 $a Bassoon ǂv Studies and exercises.

Examples of a more general type:

650 _0 $a Operas.

650 _0 $a Concertos (Violin), Arranged.

650 _0 $a Sonatas (Cello and piano) $x Solo with piano $v Scores and parts.

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