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RDS@UF: Record Editing

Resource Description Services department procedures and policies

Updated November 2023 by Greg Allen

Record Editing

Record editing is a way to check the cataloging work of coworkers to find possible errors. All original catalogers should place printouts of their records in the appropriate basket (Bibco, Non-Bibco), making sure their name or initials are on the printout.

What to put in the basket:

  • all original records, BIBCO and non-BIBCO
  • all upgraded/enhanced records
    • highlight changes made

A monthly schedule will be set up so that the records will be sorted by, and distributed to, unit members making sure no one gets their own records.

Records should be checked in OCLC, Alma, and the public catalog, Primo.

Process for checking catalog records each month

  • If any issues are found, mark on the printout and return to the cataloger for correction

OCLC bibliographic record printout

  • Confirm access points are underlined (controlled by Connexion Control Headings)
  • Scan fixed fields
  • If format is for map, DVD, CD, Electronic, Microform, etc., be sure there is an appropriate 007 field.
  • Scan for typos
  • Verify 588 field with Creative Commons statement is added to FUG original records in Alma only.
    • Do not add to records updated/enhanced by FUG, only original FUG records.


  • Retrieve record using a title search in Network (Statewide Catalog)
    • If not found, make note on printout to "share with network"
  • Check record is not a “dup”
  • Verify all links are working correctly

Standard Format view

  • Click on location
  • Scan that an appropriate location displays
  • Scan that an item status displays at the bottom unless it is a non-barcoded item (map, Internet, etc.)

MARC view

  • Verify OCLC # in Alma matches printout
  • Verify indicators are correct
  • Verify call number is present
  • Verify subjects are present, if appropriate
  • Verify local fields that are in Alma MARC record display correctly in Primo.
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