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RDS@UF: Atlases and Map Reference Materials

Resource Description Services department procedures and policies

Updated June 2022 by Dave Van Kleeck


Atlases and Map Reference Materials

Atlases are placed on the Map Review shelf in the RDS processing area prior to cataloging for a location decision by the Map Librarian. Other books or items containing any amount of maps or of a cartographic nature should likewise be reviewed by the Map Librarian. Atlases already designated for the Map and Imagery Library (Alma sublibrary UFMAP, collection GEN) should be placed in the “to be searched shelf” in the copy cataloging section; the materials will then be searched to determine whether they are DLC copy or higher level shared; while originals will be placed in the “to be cataloged shelf.”

Atlases are cataloged according to RDA standards and can be cataloged as Book or Map format, and classified in the LC class schedule G (range from G1000 to G3182). When cataloged as Map record type “e” (with 007, 034, 052 and 255 Marc fields as the most noticeable differences from book records), a few may appear as book records with non-atlas call numbers (as a choice from some contributing libraries’ prerogative). Subjects are assigned from LCSH and must contain the Form subfield   |v Maps   as well as adding the Atlases (|2 lcgft) Genre (655/_7) term for any subject heading missing one. In addition to one of several appropriate Map lcgft genre terms.

Atlases also require an 007 field (Physical description field for atlases including |b  d .

Other map and other cartographic-related materials (e.g., aerial photos, satellite images, globes, celestial charts, etc.) reference materials can be cataloged like maps or  books, local policy favors map cataloging rules, but housing and treatment can take a whole variety of appropriate call numbers in or out of the G class.

After full cataloging, call number labeling, UF property stamping, etc., are provided for map library materials in the RDS processing area after being placed on the appropriate “Map material needs processing” shelf.

Fields/Elements to look for: 007 (Physical Description Fixed field, Map), 034 (Coded Cartographic Mathematical Data), 043 (Geographic Area Code), 052 (Geographic Classification), 255 (Cartographic Mathematical data), 33X (cartographic), 6XX |v Maps (subject form subfield), 655 _7 (Genre/form field for Maps according to lcgft).

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