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RDS@UF: FLorida Academic REpository (FLARE) Transfer Procedures

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Updated August 2022 by Tabatha Pursley

FLorida Academic REpository (FLARE) Transfer Procedures

UF Libraries

Updated: 8/4/2022


Please review the information below. If you would like to transfer material to the Florida Academic Repository (FLARE), please contact Tabatha Pursley, Shared Collections Coordinator.

1. Please make sure you are familiar with the FLARE Policies prior to preparing your transfer. 

2. FLARE is a single copy repository. Libraries preparing materials for transfer must check in FLARE prior to packing to ensure that duplicates are not introduced into the repository. Please check the Library Catalog before deciding to ship materials to FLARE.

i. NOTE: At FLARE, we have items that are damaged in the repository and we are actively seeking replacements for them. They can be identified in Alma/Primo by the Item policy, '96 Damaged - request new copy'. This status will show up in Primo, but you must be logged in to see it. 

3. Bibliographic records created for use in the Shared Collection must conform to the Cataloging Guidelines. Please review bibliographic records for compliance with these guidelines.

i. Each item sent to FLARE must have a barcode assigned to it by the originating library. It can be on the inside or outside of the volume or loose issue. FLARE staff prefers that a barcode be placed on the back cover in the top right corner. The barcode must link to an active item record in the online public access catalog of the originating library which contains correct volume and chronology data for the volume or loose issue. That item record must be associated with holdings and bibliographic records for the title.

ii. Every item sent to the facility must have an OCLC number in the MARC 035 field of the Bibliographic record. 

iii. NOTE: If you have "send-to-FLARE" items that need to be cataloged, please send them to the appropriate cataloging unit first and they will send them to FLARE once cataloged. 

4. Alma workflow: 

i. In the item record in Alma, change the Permanent location field to to the 'FLARE-Processing (FLR)' Location listed under your Library [e.g. UF HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER LIBR: FLARE-Processing (FLR)].


a) This makes it so that the item does not show up in Primo until it is trayed at FLARE.

b) Once trayed, the Permanent location changes to FLARE in Alma and the item is made available in Primo. This is done via an API between our inventory control software (CaiaSoft) and Alma.

c) The API also adds a note to an internal note field in the item record indicating the originating library [eg. "from Library UFSCI from Location FLR CAIASOFT Accession on 2021-08-04"].

d) If you're only sending part of a journal run, please be sure to edit your holdings for what you are keeping. 

Note: Small transfers will go directly into the queue to get trayed and shelved, but large transfers will not. The processing timeline for large transfers depends on several factors. Please let Tabatha Pursley know if you think your material needs to be prioritized for processing. We will do our best to accommodate these requests. 

5. Preparing your transfer for shipment. 

Box or mail bin transfer: 

i. If you are sending under 25 bins or boxes, your transfer can be sent out to FLARE via Libraries Facilities without scheduling in advance. 

a. Please label all bins/boxes with the following information: 

To: ALF/FLARE STR - Team Tray | From: Your library/branch 

ii. If you have one or more pallets to transfer, please schedule with Tabatha Pursley.

iii. Please limit each box or bin to a maximum weight of 65 lbs.  

iv. If a freight company will be used to transfer a large amount of material, please palletize your boxes on 48” by 42”W pallets stacked 4 layers high. A guide to palletizing by Viceroy Marketing can be found here.

v. The pallet and boxes need to be wrapped in pallet wrap.  This YouTube video shows the proper way to wrap a pallet. Pallet wrap and wrap dispensers are available where you purchase boxes. If further information is needed regarding proper palletization techniques, please feel free to contact Tabatha Pursley.

Shelf-to-shelf transfer (for large transfers):

i. Depending on shelving space, FLARE may be able to accommodate a shelf-to-shelf transfer. This must be approved in advance.

For more details on FLARE Policies and Procedures please visit:

FLorida Academic REpository (FLARE) Website

FLorida Academic REpository (FLARE) - The Statewide Shared Collection

FLorida Academic REpository (FLARE) Transfer Procedures - UF Libraries

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