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RDS@UF: Physical Processing for Serials (Including Periodicals)

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Updated January 2019 by Hank Young

Physical Processing for Serials (Including Periodicals)

Annuals (or less frequent)

Most annuals (or serials that are published even less often), are processed exactly the same way monographs would be. Place a barcode appropriately on the piece, and write the call number on the inside back cover. Stamp with a University of Florida Libraries stamp plus an appropriate stamp for the branch (Library West does not have its own stamp). Add a label and place into the campus mail with a blue routing slip to show which branch it goes to.

When to use a piggyback barcode

Some annuals need to be sent to Preservation for special processing. Items going to FLARE never go to Preservation.  If they need to be preserved, they will be sent when they are requested.

Routing Items from Cataloging to Preservation for West and MSL

Routing Items from Cataloging to Preservation for Other Branches


Loose periodical issues now receive barcodes, just like other items. Print a label and place on the lower left corner of the issue. You do not need to add the numbering or date. The printer should include the (LACC) + or (Judaica) ** codes above the number. Periodicals should be sent in the campus mail, generally routed to different people than the serials. Be sure to include your name or initials and any other important information on the routing slip..

For new, purchased, standing order titles for any location, notify the Serials Unit as well as the serials contact person for the branch. For new gift or exchange titles, notify the Gifts and Exchange Unit, as well as the branch.

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