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RDS@UF: Activating a Bookplate Link

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Activating a Bookplate Link in the 856 of the HOL Record So that it Appears in Primo

Last updated July 2022 by Dave Van Kleeck


Activating a Bookplate Link in the 856 of the HOL Record So that it Appears in Primo

This process works by using a Normalization Rule in the IZ. The rule is applied to the 856 field and adds an HTML wrapper around the existing bookplate data to make it appear as a clickable link in the Primo record.

In the ME, open the HOL record that contains the bookplate link that you would like to appear in Primo.


Click on the Spit Screen Editor icon to open the second screen. Keep it as the active screen.


To the left of the ME, click on Rules, then Shared.


Scroll down the list and find the rule labeled: UFL: Add 856.z Donation Note


Hover over it and right-click, and then choose Edit. Do not edit the rule!


This will populate the second screen with the norm rule.


Click Preview at the bottom of that screen.


The norm rule loads and indicates the fields to be changed. Click Apply Changes at the bottom right of the screen.


The rule is applied, changes the 856, and closes the Split Screen Editor.


Click Save in the upper left of the ME screen to save the changes to the HOL record.


To verify that the link is active in Primo, bring the record up and scroll down to the Request Item section and look under Location Items. The bookplate can be brought up by clicking on the donor's name following "Donated by:    Electronic Bookplate:"

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