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RDS@UF: Linking Analytics

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Linking Analytics

Last updated July 2022 by Hank Young

Linking Analytics
How to 773

Monographic serials (often called “series”) are usually comprised of individual volumes which can be described as monographs in their own right, as well as occasional serial titles within the series.  These units within the series are called “Analytics”.  Traditionally libraries had to choose between “analyzed” or “not analyzed” series, but our modern discovery systems can do both.  Simply put, it was not possible to put an item record on more than one holdings record, but now we can link them together so that a patron who is searching a citation for “Contributions to library literature” or “The Librarian and reference service”.  The means for doing this is to add a 773 field to the analytic record, citing the monographic serial record.


There are a lot of steps here, but it is not nearly as bad as it looks.

Put all item records on the serial record.

Pull up the first analytic (monographic) record in OCLC.

Add a 773 0_ field in OCLC by:
Hit <ENTER> to get a new line

Enter 773 as the MARC tag and 0 as the first indicator.  Do not add a second indicator

Type the OCLC number of the serial record into the main field

Then, either go to “Edit” in the top menu and choose “Insert from cited record”, or click the  icon if you have added it to your toolbar.  This will add the field automatically.

DO NOT SAVE THE RECORD IN OCLC, but export this record into Alma.

You will want to make this field a local extension, so add ‡9 local and save

Next, add a subfield g to your 773 with no:[barcode number] to include the barcode of the item you are linking to


For all the other records in the series:

Copy the local extension 773 field you just created on this record, and paste it into the analytic record of all other items in the series.  Since it is a link to the series, they will all be identical except for the barcode number.  Remember to use <CONTROL> L instead of F8 when you go to add the new line UNLESS YOU USE ‡9 local, then add your subfield g with the barcode number.  I recommend searching the entire series, pushing each record to the MDE, then adding them one at a time, and using “Save and Release Record” on each one.

You only need one $w in your 773.  This can be either the OCLC number or the MMSID.  If it is the MMSID, you can just enter the number.  If it is an OCLC number, you will need to add (OCoLC) in front of the number (no space).

A screenshot of your item records screen will help you to enter in the control number BUT copying and pasting the number will keep you from making an error.

If you check out PRIMO, the related record should look like this:

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