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RDS@UF: Creating Item Records

Resource Description Services department procedures and policies

Created November 2023 by Hank Young

Creating Item Records

First, import a bibliographic record from OCLC unless there is already a good record in Alma. Then create an appropriate Holding record (HOL) unless it is a replacement copy or copy 2, in which case, just add the item record to the existing HOL by choosing “Add item” under the “Add inventory” tab.  This should bring up a blank holding record. The top of the item record should look like this:

Add the material type (Book, Issue, CD-ROM, Ephemera) and Item policy (01=General circulation rules, 90=do not allow for checkout, 67=1 week, etc…).  If this is a single-part monograph, you can stop there by adding the barcode number and saving the record.  However; in the case of the serial item or multi-part monograph, you will then need to fill out the enumeration and/or chronology fields as well as the Description field.  If the chronology and enumeration fields are correctly filled out and the item is in English, the Description auto-generate button still may not work correctly, so check it to make sure it is right.

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