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RDS@UF: Letter to Prospective Affiliated Library

Resource Description Services department procedures and policies

Last update July 2022 by Greg Allen and Suzanne Stapleton

Letter to Prospective Affiliated Library

Affiliated Libraries and the George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida

Letter of Introduction

TO:  <Affiliated Library> Representative

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Affiliated Library of the George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida.  The information below should help you understand how the Cooperative Agreement between  Affiliated Libraries and the George A. Smathers Libraries works, as well as the commitments required as part of this arrangement.

Purpose of Affiliated Libraries Agreement

Affiliated Libraries are academically administered libraries that are independent of the UF library system (the George A. Smathers Libraries) and that have significant, specialized collections. The Cooperative Agreement recognizes the significance of the Affiliated Library collection and provides for the integration of its holdings into the UF Libraries Catalog. The goal of this effort is to expand access and awareness of the resources held by the Affiliated Library as a supplement to the holdings of the George A. Smathers Libraries. In return for this recognition, the Affiliated Library agrees to provide service and collection management as outlined in the Cooperative Agreement.

Liaison Librarian Assignment and Affiliated Library Review

A Liaison Librarian and a member of the Resource Description Services Department  will be assigned to discuss the Affiliated Library relationship and answer any questions you have about the program. The liaison librarian will also review your collection during a site visit to see how it complements and adds value to the UF Libraries collection. We need to know what types of materials are in your collection, how many titles will need to be cataloged, and any other information that will help us estimate the effort needed to integrate your library information into our library catalog database, as well as how the work will be done. Patron access to the Affiliated Library will be reviewed[SC1]  .

Decision to Become an Affiliated Library

If it is agreed that it is appropriate to become an Affiliated Library, the Cooperative Agreement must be completed and signed by the Chair (or equivalent) of the academic unit that oversees the Affiliated Library and the Associate Dean of the George A. Smathers Libraries. This is considered a formal agreement between the two parties. The two parties agree to review the Cooperative Agreement at least every five (5) years. A decision to discontinue the agreement will be made in writing and authorized by signature of both parties.

Attached:  Cooperative Agreement Form

The text that is <red in brackets> must be filled in, the form signed and dated.

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