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RDS@UF: Baldwin Library - List of Classic Works Which Are Part of Larger Works: 730 & 740

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Updated May 2022 by Dave Van Kleeck

Baldwin Library - List of Classic Works Which Are Part of Larger Works: 730 & 740

The established headings all have this note included on the authority record:

667: Not to be used as main entry, but solely as added entry with the addition of a language according to 25.12B; each individual work (version) is entered under its own author or title.

When the following title is the title and in the 245 or 246, do not make another entry for it. These are only added when the title is something like 25 Favorite Fairy Tales or appear in a 505 contents note.

730: Use for uniform titles used as added entries. These will have an established heading in LTLC. These uniform titles bring together records for the same work when different manifestations appear under different titles. Add a |l language (i.e. English) 

740: Use for uncontrolled analytical titles of works contained in an item. These titles do not have established headings in LTLC 

This is not an exhaustive list. Always trace these and trace other titles which you deem necessary and important.

730 02 Aladdin. ǂl English.

730 02 Beauty and the beast. ǂl English.

730 02 Children in the wood (Ballad) ǂl English. [Use if title is Babes in the Wood, etc.]

730 02 Cinderella. ǂl English.

730 02 Gingerbread Boy. ǂl English.   [Use if title is Gingerbread Man, etc.]

730 02 Goldilocks and the three bears. ǂl English.   [Use if title is The Three Bears, etc.]

730 02 Hansel and Gretel. ǂl English.

730 02 Jack and the beanstalk. ǂl English.

730 02 Jack the Giant-Killer.

740 02 Little Black Sambo. AND 70012Bannerman, Helen, ǂd 1862-1946. ǂt Story of Little Black Sambo.

730 02 Little Red Riding Hood. ǂl English.

730 02 Puss in Boots. ǂl English.

730 02 Rumpelstiltskin (Folk tale). ǂl English.

730 02 Sleeping Beauty. ǂl English.

730 02 Snow White and the seven dwarfs. ǂl English.   [Use if title is Snow White, etc.]

730 02 Tom Thumb. ǂl English.

730 02 Twelve dancing princesses. ǂl English.

700 12 Andersen, H. C. ǂq (Hans Christian), ǂd 1805-1875. ǂt Grimme ælling. ǂl English.   [Use if title is Ugly Duckling]

730 02 Whittington and his cat.

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