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RDS@UF: Holdings for multi-part monographs

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Last updated April 2022 by Hank Young

Holdings for multi-part monographs

You will no longer be able to use the MacroExpress macro, so you will need to enter the 853/863, 854/864, and 855/865 pairs yourself.

Fixed field – position #6 will need to be changed to “v” (which tells OCLC and other system that this is a multipart monograph) and position #17 will need to be changed to a 4 (This tells OCLC and other systems that we are listing all gaps in our Local Holdings Record (LHR)).

853/863 – basic items in the set

854/864 – Supplements

855/865 - Indexes

853 and 854 use 00 for the indicators

863 and 864 use 40 for the indicators

855 and 865 do not have indicators

85x 00 $8 1 è The 1 tells it this is the first set of labels for the data

                       $a è The label for the highest level of enumeration

                                  $b è The label for the second highest level of enumeration

                                           $c, $d, $e, $f è 3rd-6th levels of enumeration

853 00 $8 1 $a Bd. $b heft.

863 40 $8 1.10 $a 1-3 $w g

863 40 $8 1.20 $a 4 $b 2-3 $w n

853 00 $8 2 $a v. $b pt.

863 40 $8 5-7 $b -3

855      $8 1 $a Bd.

865      $8 1.10 $a 1/5

In this example we have Bd.1-3, Bd.4 heft 2-3, and volume 5 thru volume 7 part 3.  There is an index for Bands/volumes 1-5.  There is no information about how many pieces are in volumes 1-3, or 5-6 – if they have more than one heft/part then they are complete.  Heft 3 was the last piece in Band 4.  You can also note that the language of the enumeration changed between Band 4 and Volume 5.

CREATING 866, 867, and 868 fields.

Once your 85x/86x pairs are done, you will need to Enhance the Record.  Under Editing Actions, choose “Enhance the Record” (Control + Alt + W or E) and this box will pop up.

MARC21 Holding Expand Textual Holdings is the choice you want (it should be the default) – so just click “OK” and it will add a series of 866/867/868 fields.  These are needed for the Primo display.

If you have to add a new item to this holding record you will need to re-run the MARC21 Holding Expand Textual Holdings macro.  You should be able to do this without any additional editing, but sometimes you need to delete the 866-868 fields that already exist.  You can also change these by hand if it is easier (like adding a newest piece in a title released over time).

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