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RDS@UF: Marking Items without “UF Send to Cataloging” Work Order as Done

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Last updated, May 2022 by Sam Fraleigh

Marking Items without “UF Send to Cataloging” Work Order as Done

All new books that come for cataloging from the Collections Support Unit in Acquisitions are assigned the “UF Send to Cataloging” work order, so this procedure only applies to books that have come from another source, with no work order – largely gifted items and any remaining pre-Alma backlog materials. It’s a pretty simple process and replaces the use of the “UF Send to Owning Location” work order, which will now be obsolete. This should be the last step you take when you finish cataloging one of these items. This documentation will be added to the department libguide.

  1. After cataloging your title, be sure that there is nothing entered in the “Process type” field in the item record you’re working with (this is where the “UF Send to Cataloging” work order would be reflected, if it had been assigned to the item in hand).

  2. Next, maneuver to “Fulfillment” in the left side bar of Alma. Select it, followed by “Scan in Items”.

  3. In the “Scan in Items” screen (shown below), make sure “Automatically print slip” is set to No. “Set Status To” typically defaults to Physical Processing/Mending – you may leave it as this or change it to another option from the dropdown. Most importantly, set “Done” to Yes. Then, scan or manually enter in the barcode of the item you have just finished working on. Select “OK” to the right of the barcode if the action is not automatically run.

  4. You will see a box appear onscreen beneath where you scanned in the barcode, as pictured in the screenshot below. Under the “Request/Process Type” header, the newly assigned status for your item will be Transit For Reshelving. The item is now marked as in transit and not visible/”in place” for patrons to access. The process is complete.





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