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RDS@UF: Introduction

Resource Description Services department procedures and policies

Created July 2022 by Andrea Stich

For any questions regarding this guide or workflow, please contact Andrea Stich.


Platforms and Metadata Practices

Electronic bibliographic records

  • Electronic records are used to describe digitized print and microfilm materials. Rather than using a print or microfilm record, utilizing an electronic record allows for accurate representation of our metadata and digital items.
  • Since we only work with digital items, we focus solely on using electronic records.

University of Florida Digital Collections

  • UFDC provides users free and open access to full unique and rare digitized materials held by the University of Florida and partner institutions.

Alma (back-end platform) and Primo (front-end platform)

  • Alma is a library service platform that manages print and electronic materials; it is a back-end interface for resource management. Primo is the front-end interface and discovery component of Alma that our users utilize.
  • We add electronic portfolios to all of our digital item records in Alma depending on the item availability. Electronic portfolios allow the item’s UFDC link to display in Primo, connecting front-end users to the digital images that are kept in UFDC.
  • In short, Alma/Primo is used for management and display of the University of Florida libraries’ catalog, which includes both physical and digital materials. Whereas UFDC is the platform that hosts the digital materials for users to view and access.

OCLC (back-end software) and WorldCat (front-end platform)

  • WorldCat is a front-end database and union catalog of library collections. It is operated by OCLC, the back-end interface, which is used in 100+ countries. OCLC promotes cooperation among libraries worldwide to locate, acquire, catalog, lend and preserve print and electronic library materials. 
  • We add UFDC links to all of our digital item records in OCLC depending on the item availability. This allows the UFDC item link to be displayed in OCLC for back-end users, as well as WorldCat for front-end users, connecting users to the digital images in UFDC.
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