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RDS@UF: Prepare Metadata for UFDC: Templates & FAQ

Resource Description Services department procedures and policies

Created July 2022 by Xiaoli Ma

Prepare Metadata for UFDC: Templates & FAQ


1. What are bibs and vids?

Bib and vid both refer to the UFDC item ids. One bib can have multiple vids affiliated. This is a one-to-many relationship. When values are included in Series Titles in the spreadsheet prepared for ingestion, Sobek initiates bib to vids hierarchical structure. Both bib and vid can have metadata and be linked to multiple media files. 

2. Can I add Series Titles to bibs via spreadsheets? 

No. Due to existing UFDC issues, Series Titles cannot be added when batch-creating new records or via editing the existing records one by one. 

3. Where to put "duration", like how long does an interview run? 

"FORMAT" is the best place for that. The label will be changed to "Physical Description" at UFDC. Other information could be a part of "FORMAT" are the original analog format, the current digital format, total page numbers and available materials, eg, transcription in PDF. You can add labels in the data so when displaying at UFDC, the content will be more clear mingled with other information. For instance, "duration: 1;10 mins", "pages: 3". 

4. I want to add more vids to an existing bib. How do we do that?

Please use the same spreadsheet you used for creating the bib but adding one column for bib and one for vid. Then please add the information for each vid. Upon the spreadsheet is ready, the staff at digital support will import the sheet to create new vids in UFDC. 

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